A World Apart & The Witching Hour 2013

A World Apart & The Witching Hour

A World ApartKadra is a warrior - a demon slayer from another world.

With her highly tuned senses and Amazonian physique she was born to fight, and lives only to protect her people. That is her duty - something she accepts without question, just as she accepts she will always be alone. But when the king of Demons escapes through a mysterious portal, Kadra must follow - and finds herself in modern day New York.

This strange and dangerous city is a baffling place, even for a warrior like Kadra. And when she meets Harper Doyle, the handsome and sceptical private investigator destined to help her, things become very complicated. And exciting . . .

The Witching HourA kingdom is plagued by tragedy until a wizard-gods spell brings forth a courageous and beautiful young woman who must follow her heart in love and follow her destiny in battle .

. .

Paperback: 336 pages Publisher: Piatkus (6 Jun. 2013) Language: English ISBN-10: 0749958774 ISBN-13: 978-0749958770

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