Acid Reflux Sucks: Daily Tracking Journal 2019

Chuck Zander

Acid Reflux Sucks: Daily Tracking Journal

Sick of acid reflux? Tired of symptoms randomly appearing during the day? Ive been there... Acid reflux sucks! The only way I was able to break free of chronic symptoms was to track them daily and find the patterns.

This daily tracker is designed to help you understand what is causing your reflux through daily entries of foods, medications, and other variables. Everyones triggers are slightly different and the same combinations of foods may not produce the same results in the same person. This is like trying to hit a moving target and then guessing where it came from hours after the fact.

Without data, addressing acid reflux is just a guessing game. This tracker helps take the guesswork out of what is causing your symptoms.

Once you have the knowledge of what triggers you, you will have the power to make the lifestyle changes that matter.

Paperback: 31 pages Publisher: Independently published (March 13, 2019) Language: English ISBN-10: 1090248601 ISBN-13: 978-1090248602 Shipping Weight: 4.8 ounces ()

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