Acting In Chicago 2013 Edition: Making A Living Doing Commercials, Voice Overs, TV/Film And More 2012

Acting In Chicago 2013 Edition: Making A Living Doing Commercials, Voice Overs, TV/Film And More

Be an artist without starving. Reliable, objective information about the acting profession is hard to come by.

Maybe youre new to the business and dont know where to start.

Maybe youre training to become and actor, but need practical advice to help launch your career. Maybe youre a successful theater actor but sense you could boost your acting income.

This nature of the industry is to guard secrets and confuse actors who want something from it. This book unlocks those secrets. Written by a Chicago-based career actor, Acting In Chicago 2013 Edition demystifies the question of how to earn a full-time living as an actor in the Midwest.

Youll get details on: -The seven ways Chicago actors make money actually acting -How much career actors can earn -Local agents and casting directors -Training resources available to Chicago actors -Headshots and Resumes the Chicago way -Auditioning in Chicago -Working in Chicago -The actors union - SAG/AFTRA -Other sources of income while your acting career is developing -And much, much more Praise for Acting In Chicago: This book is a dream for actors.

~ Sam Samuelson, agent @ Stewart Talent Chicago For an actor new to the business in Chicago, one who has been around but is trying to up their game, or one who is trying to break into new areas of the biz, this book is everything you need. ~ Kurt Naebig, actor, director & teacher Just shot my first national commercial and couldnt help but think of all the tips I learned from Chris Agos.

~ Lauren Lapkus, actor, improvisor and comedian I meet excited actors, new to Chicago and ready to dive in all the time, and I always point them straight to Acting in Chicago.

This market is a unique beast and Agos book is a huge help to anyone wanting to make a living in this town.” ~ Grace McPhillips, Chicago-based SAG-AFTRA actress and co-director of CAFM This book is a must for every actor serious about making acting their business and not just their craft.

~ Janelle Snow, adjunct faculty member, Roosevelt University Actors spend many years perfecting their craft, but with Chris Agos book at their side, they can understand the business instantly.

A must read for all actors! ~ Ted Lega, Executive producer @ Bow+Arrow and Protein Editorial Just landed an awesome commercial. Thanks for all of your instruction and guidance that helped me land this gig.

I owe you a lot.” ~ Nick Bailey, Chicago-based actor Outside of Betty Crocker and the Bible, no other book has helped me more.

~ Janice Culver, Chicago-based actress.

Paperback: 258 pages Publisher: Tragos Ventures, Inc. (December 20, 2012) Language: English ISBN-10: 0982886330 ISBN-13: 978-0982886335 Shipping Weight: 1 pounds

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