Advanced Methods and Technologies in Metallurgy 2015

J. W. Newkirk

Advanced Methods and Technologies in Metallurgy

Devoted to the topical issues of industrial science, this book places particular focus on advanced methods and technologies in metallurgy.Rapidly developing industry demands fundamentally innovative materials possessing enhanced mechanical, magnetic and other specific properties.

Manufacturing a new product in metallurgy is inherently connected with a large number of problems related to obtaining initial bars, their heat, mechanical, and other types of treatment. Technological processes of production are determined by the properties of the initial material.A number of solutions to the problem of material characterization of complicated alloys are included.

New approaches to heat and surface treatment of materials are introduced. Fresh data is gathered in the field of ferrous metals metallurgy; more specifically, the design calculation of ferroalloys based on raw materials is determined.

Selection principles of new technologies are covered for energy savings in pyrometallurgy to enable proper control of blast furnace smelting.

Modelling the thermophysical processes, therefore, allow advancement in the methods of production. The successful interaction between different fields of metallurgy eventually results in better durability of the materials produced.

Hardcover: 250 pages Publisher: Wit Pr/Computational Mechanics (Dec 31 2015) Language: English ISBN-10: 1784661775 ISBN-13: 978-1784661779 Shipping Weight: 789 g

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