Billions will be REPAID to Millions - TimeOutCreditCards - David Pickering: Collateralised Credit Exploitation as practiced on AAA None Defaulting ... in Perpetuity (Genesis - TimeOutCreditCards) 2018

Danny Moloney MRes, MACT, MAPCE, MBA, MSc

Billions will be REPAID to Millions - TimeOutCreditCards - David Pickering: Collateralised Credit Exploitation as practiced on AAA None Defaulting ... in Perpetuity (Genesis - TimeOutCreditCards)

‘Collateralized Credit Exploitation or CCE (Cynical Long Term Revolver Entrapment) is the scourge of our generation perpetrated with impunity by Credit Card Companies’ Dear David, You will find enclosed just one example of the anticipated liability of Credit Card Companies who have perpetuated the financial scandal of our generation, namely; Collateralised Credit Exploitation (CCE) which is characterized as unwarranted entrapment which interminably indentures some of their best clients to long term financial slavery.

This example serves to represent the ‘Billions which will be repaid to Millions’ due to Credit Card Companies cynically and persistently exploiting vulnerable customers from whom they are reputed to gain 50% of their corporate profits.

CCE has been established as carrying NO ‘Value at Risk’, NO Probability of Risk with an amount at risk of NIL but most tellingly where they have already been repaid their capital at up to 11x the original sum they still charge unwarranted, usurious and extortionate interest rates, fees and charges on their most vulnerable customers.

Treating their BEST customers as ‘can be abused junk accounts’ when they are proven AAA+ is clearly & demonstrably ‘fraudulently counterfactual’. The ‘corporately designed’ failure of Credit Card Companies to make a simple and generally accepted risk weighted calculation on CCE client credit cards (up to 1,151% positive return has been estimated) have been universally condemned as being unreasonable & exploitative.

How MUCH is ENOUGH!!! Collateralised Credit Exploitation as practiced on AAA None Defaulting accounts & is in effect an Annuity in Perpetuity and is demonstrably Exploitative by Design -Extortionate by Intent - Fraudulent by Nature. Our political & regulatory & financial establishment has demonstrated endogenously heterodoxical behaviour in their collective incapacity to respect the UK Citizen by ignoring the fact of and the damage caused by Collateralised Credit Exploitation.

Billions will be repaid to Millions’ estimated cost to Credit Card Companies of Collateralised Credit Exploitation is conservatively put at between £50-75 Billion. Collateralised Credit Exploitation by Credit Card Companies is the cynical long term exploitation of vulnerable customers where there is no risk and no probability of risk to Credit Card Companies who perpetuate the practice.

One Example amongst millions, follows; New Day Opus £ 110,000 gross on 10,000 @ 48.1% over 20 years* New Day Marbles £ 84,000 gross on 9,000 @ 39.9% over 20 years* Capital One £ 27,000 gross on 2.500 @ 31.1% over 20 years* MBNA £ 76,000 gross on 8,000 @ 30.0% over 20 years*, £ 46,000 gross on 5.000 @ 30.0% over 20 years*, £ 12,000 gross on 3,000 @ 30.0% over 20 years* BarclayCard £ 43,000 gross on 5.500 @ 26.5% over 20 years* £ 20,000 gross on 3,000 @ 26.5% over 20 years* RBS £ 85,000 gross on 14,000 @ 16.9% over 20 years* £ 503,000 to be repaid on £ 54,000 *Each Credit Card to confirm exact extortion period & exploitative interest rate.

All amounts above are PLUS interest, charges, fees, fines & compensation conservatively creating a £754.500 Collateralised Credit Exploitation Liability on 1) on six credit card companies (above) on 2) nine numbered cards over 20 exemplary years.

Base Rate 0.25% to 0.50%. Credit Card Companies have been allowed to insidiously develop over time a purposefully distorted Credit Risk Analysis Model which effectively penalizes their best customers & imbalances the relationship between avaricious providers & vulnerable users of credit instruments.

Collateralized Credit Exploitation clearly demonstrates that the ‘Value at Risk’ nexus does NOT exist for the Credit Card Company & that they are imposing unreasonable and extortionate charges onto the consumer.

Rather than ‘know’ they are ‘ignoring the rights & abasing the needs’ of their customers.

Series: Genesis - TimeOutCreditCards (Book 18)
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