Cast in Flame (Chronicles of Elantra) 2014

Cast in Flame (Chronicles of Elantra)

Kaylin returned from the West March in one piece. Now that piece is fraying.

Shes not at home in the Imperial Palace-and she never intends to be. All she wants is normal garden-variety criminals and a place of her own. Of course, normal in her new life involves a dragon as a roommate, but she can handle that.

Kaylin cant as easily handle the new residents to the city she polices, because one of them is Nightshades younger brother.

On a night when she should be talking to landlords in perfectly normal buildings, shes called to the fief-by Teela. A small family disagreement has become a large, complicated problem: Castle Nightshades latent magic is waking.

And its not the only thing.

Series: Chronicles of Elantra (Book 10)
MP3 CD Publisher: Tantor Audio; MP3 - Unabridged CD edition (August 12, 2014) Language: English ISBN-10: 1494554607 ISBN-13: 978-1494554606 Shipping Weight: 0.3 ounces ()

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