Finally, My Brethren 2009

Randall Delron Shirley

Finally, My Brethren

Finally, My Brethren - These are words that seem all too familiar to us when we think of putting on the armor of God for spiritual warfare. However, we often miss the real impact of Pauls message to the church because we have use this as our starting point.

But just as we dont start at the top step when we climb a ladder, we cant begin our preparation for spiritual warfare at the last step - putting on the armor. In fact, the Apostle Paul gave us more than fifty steps of preparation to complete before we are ready to get dressed for battle.

Paperback: 181 pages Publisher: Teach All Nations; 1st edition (April 20, 2009) Language: English ISBN-10: 0981984908 ISBN-13: 978-0981984902 Shipping Weight: 8 ounces ()

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