Gatekeeper 2010


Duiem, the Land of Earth and Fire, is doomed to destruction unless a prophecy requiring Kaji, the king of Duiem, to bond to one of royal blood is fulfilled. But fate sends an escaping slave stumbling into the ceremony, and Kaji ends up bonded to a total stranger.

Shy and withdrawn Aniol is an exotic enigma, a puzzle for the impatient and headstrong Kaji to solve amidst growing chaos: His world is a shambles.

His people are at war. The prophecy is lost. And he is inexplicably and passionately drawn to his new bondmate. A painful betrayal forces Kaji and Aniol on an impossible quest, guided only by a myth that tells of a gate leading to the Land of Air and Water.

Though facing incredible danger, they must find that mystical gate, for its keeper holds the key to both Duiems salvation and the secret behind Kaji and Aniols growing love.

Paperback: 350 pages Publisher: Dreamspinner Press, LLC (March 19, 2010) Language: English ISBN-10: 1615812806 ISBN-13: 978-1615812806 Shipping Weight: 1 pounds

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