JEP European Journal of Psychoanalysis 25 2011

Sergio Benvenuto

JEP European Journal of Psychoanalysis 25

PERVERSIONS - Aldo Maroni, Laws of Perversion and Hospitality in Pierre Klossowski; Michel de MUzan, Perverse Masochism and the Question of Quantity; Sergio Benvenuto, Freud and Masochism.

CONNEXIONS - Susan Oyama, Development sin techo, sin muros. PSYCHOANALYSIS & PHILOSOPHY - Bruno Moroncini, On Love: Jacques Lacan and Platos Symposium. GROUP & SOCIETY - Diego Napolitani, The Imaginary in Psychoanalytic Metapsychology; Giampaolo Lai, The Federal Reserves Paralysis in the High-Risk Mortage Financial Crisis; André Nusselder, The Virtual Ego and the Cyborg.

REVIEWS - J. M. Coetzee, Waiting fort he Barbarians, by Janet Thormann.

Copertina flessibile: 204 pagine Editore: IPOC Italian Paths of Culture (28 febbraio 2011) Lingua: Inglese ISBN-10: 8896732239 ISBN-13: 978-8896732236 Peso di spedizione: 268 g

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