Live Civil: 5 Tools for Unlocking Your Potential & Living Your Purpose (1) 1936

Karen Civil

Live Civil: 5 Tools for Unlocking Your Potential & Living Your Purpose (1)

In LIVE CIVIL, Karen Civil shares the 5 life lessons she’s learned on her way to realizing her potential and ultimately, achieving her dreams. When society wants you to be someone else, LIVE CIVIL is here to help you be the true you.To reach the heights Karen Civil has – CEO, cultural influencer and digital renaissance woman – she had to first become mentally fit, which wasn’t always easy growing up in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

After a bout with depression, losing loved ones, close friends and finally having a spiritual awakening, she took the reins of her destiny.

Through online communities, marketing and blogging, Karen found the keys to her success. Now she’s determined to tell her story and help others gain the mental strength to fulfill their purpose in life and live abundantly. This is Karen’s personal journey through life, the peaks and the valleys she survived in order to unlock her purpose and the tools we should all be equipped with to do the same: self-motivation, positive attitude, understanding and accepting yourself.

But the first order of business? Never tolerate mediocrity.

Paperback: 320 pages Publisher: Cash Money Content Language: English ISBN-10: 1936399881 ISBN-13: 978-1936399888 Shipping Weight: 1.1 pounds

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