Managerial Accounting 2015

Wayne J. Hartgraves, Al L., Morse

Managerial Accounting

Managerial accounting focuses on using financial and nonfinancial information by managers and associates of a firm to make strategic, organizational, and operational decisions.

Our book provides a framework for identifying and analyzing decision alternatives and for evaluating success or failure in accomplishing such organizational goals. Although accountants are important in the managerial accounting process, managerial accounting is more about managerial tools than processes.

In our era of global competition, continuous improvement, process reengineering, and employee empowerment; the tools of managerial accounting are used by decision makers at all levels, rather than just by "managers." One goal of our book is to introduce students to this reality.

Our book is written for all students-not just accounting students. We place managerial accounting in a broad business context, relating it to other business areas.

We also avoid details that are appropriate for advanced cost accounting books. Like the trunk of a tree, our book serves as a strong base for students' future knowledge growth and as a means of unifying the branches of business management.

We emphasize the use of managerial accounting information for decision making within the context of organizational strategy.

The organization and content of our book reflect our belief that students who understand the big picture are better learners, are better decision makers, and are better able to apply what they learn.

Hardcover: 526 pages Publisher: Cambridge Business Publishers; 7th edition (2015) Language: English ISBN-10: 1618530968 ISBN-13: 978-1618530967 Shipping Weight: 3 pounds

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