Naughty by Nature 2009

John Patrick

Naughty by Nature

Almost a dozen years after its initial publication, STARbooks re-issues the erotic best-seller, Naughty by Nature edited by John Patrick, a steamy collection of stories about hot, sexy boys who just cannot control themselves. Whether they find themselves on a beach, shopping in a mall, playing tennis, or doing any number of routine, daily activities, these boys are naughty to the core, and can take a nothing day and suddenly make it filled with hot sex in the most daring of situations.

They may look innocent and bat their bright, young eyes at you, but dont be fooled! These boys are bad! This is JOHN PATRICK and his colleagues at their steamy best! Naughty by Nature is a must have in the John Patrick erotica collection.

Naughty by Nature features the erotica writings of Chad Stuart, Dan Veen, Frank Brooks, Ian Cappell, J. C. Gammon, Jack Ricardo,Jarred Goodall, John C. Douglas, Ken Smith, Leo Cardini, Peter Gilbert, Peter Rice, Sonny Torvig, Thomas C.

Humphrey, Tony Anthony, and William Cozad. This book is intended for ADULTS ONLY.

Paperback: 260 pages Publisher: StarBooks Press (June 15, 2009) Language: English ISBN-10: 193418750X ISBN-13: 978-1934187500 Shipping Weight: 15.2 ounces

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