the performance, measurement, management, and appraisal sourcebook 1995

Richard W. Beatty

the performance, measurement, management, and appraisal sourcebook

This manual offers a soup-to-nuts breakdown of the various steps an organizations trainers or managers must take to develop sales training that gives their salespeople a critical advantage versus the competition. Who should read this book?

Anyone involved in creating sales training, anyone interested in supporting the readiness of their organizations sales force, or anyone who asks themselves the following questions: Is your company introducing a new product or service whose ultimate success depends on the ability of the salespeople to present it effectively to customers?

Are you always certain how to target various audience groups (i.e. salespeople, sales managers, customer service reps, etc) with the right type of sales training? Are you sure you know how to benchmark the best sales training practices, or measure the results of your sales training? Do you occasionally wonder about how youre going to meet new challenges raised by increased competition, rapidly changing markets, or the accelerated pace of technology?

This book is specifically designed to: Help you define the components of a successful sales training curriculum. Follow a generic step-by-step process which can be used as a model for developing more effective sales training.

Use highly practical performance tools at precisely your point of need in the sales training development cycle.

Book Chapters The Keys to Sales Training Success A Sales Training Curriculum Step-by-Step Guide to Sales Training Development Sales Training Performance Tools Includes Sales Training Tools on Disk!

The book is accompanied by a disk containing the sales training performance tools for quick, easy modification and printing.

The tools include: Checklist for identifying problems in your current sales training Decision tool for assessing your current sales training development Idea list for gaining top managements support for your sales training Planning worksheets for: Defining needs Designing the solution Developing the training Testing the training Producing training Train-the-Trainer Maintaining the training

Paperback: 528 pages Publisher: Human Resource Development Pr (December 1995) Language: English ISBN-10: 0874252652 ISBN-13: 978-0874252651 Shipping Weight: 3 pounds

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