Yes, Maam 2008

Yes, Maam

Fem-domme fiction at its finest! Phaze is proud to present the novellas of Jude Mason in print. An Acquired Taste, Pink Ribbon, Stage Fright, and Ambers Toy, plus never before published extras! An Acquired Taste: After losing her husband to a drunk driver, Cynthia Lyon thought shed begun to get a handle on living alone, until she found a leak in her roof.

Remembering how a dishonest contractor had swindled them, she creates a contract that would have most men running for the hills. After a disappointing response from a recommended construction outfit, Cynthia gives Jenkins and Sons a call.

Enter, Caleb Jenkins, a young, good looking fellow who seems more than willing to take on her and her contract. A third generation building contractor, he agrees to fix the roof, plus add a room, all according to an agreed upon schedule.

Theres just one tiny clause that worries him, if he doesnt keep to this schedule, hell be punished.

What begins as a simple construction job quickly turns into much, much more.

Stage Fright: Jared and Megan have been married for some time. He confesses to her that hed like to be spanked, and from there on, the play gets pretty wild. A little spanking at home works wonders for them, but its not enough, at least not for long.

Soon, Jared asks for more: a little public spanking, some exhibitionism please, a little humiliation, please. A not too crowded bar sets the scene, and from there, the couple go crazy.

Pink Ribbon Rick Sebastian, successful attorney by day, eager slave to his wife/Mistress Cass after hours, is caged. Hed spoiled dinner, and while waiting for punishment, reflects on how hed begun his strange and exciting journey into submission.

His memories, and the arrival of Cass friend, make for an evening to remember. Ambers Toy Overweight and unattractive, Amber thought shed finally found love only to have her heart broken by hunky Tony Jeffers. When he humiliates her, she decides to devote her life to helping others, and forsake ever finding a man.

A tragic plane crash proves to be her salvation. After a stint with a jungle tribe, and with the help of the wise woman of that tribe, Amber finds the means to avenge herself, and keep Mr. Hunk from hurting anyone else. To top it all off, when the bad boy realizes who it is and what shes doing, its a huge turn on for him.

Can the two find love after all? A Fantasy Appointment : Take a man with a fantasy and introduce him to a woman who commands him to live it out, and you have one hell of an erotic meeting. But, when you add another man, you wind up with.what?

Thats exactly what happens to Jim. The meeting arranged via the internet, plus the formality of how hell actually present himself to his Mistress Andrea turns out to be exactly what hed always dreamed of, almost. Is the added man a good thing or a disaster poor Jim will have nightmares for the rest of his life?

Or, is he the secret fantasy hed always craved? Ritual and Ceremony: Arthur and Jane had a very special relationship: she ruled the roost and he obeyed. It was perfect for both of them. That is until Arthur, while doing the laundry, shrunk Janes favorite sweater. Now, these two had been a couple for awhile, so the spanking he so richly deserved had to be delivered in just the right way.

A chair placed just so, the punishment instruments laid out precisely as she wished, and him naked except for the leather harness and in the correct position.

The ritual of these sessions was as important as the actual ceremony itself, and as pleasurable, for them both.

Paperback: 304 pages Publisher: Phaze Books (February 29, 2008) Language: English ISBN-10: 1594268940 ISBN-13: 978-1594268946 Shipping Weight: 12 ounces

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